9 Steps to Make Sure You Have the Right Decision

We are often times caught in a situation wherein after making a decision, we still keep asking ourselves- “Did I make the right decision?” Or sometimes we agonize and blame ourselves- “Oh, stupid me. I should have not done that.” How can we ever hope to make the right decision?

We are making decisions every day in our lives. But we need to stop regretting the decisions we have made because it has already passed. Below are ways to help you make the right choices and decisions in life. Following these steps will make you feel more confident that you have done the right thing

1. Listen to your intuition.

In some circumstances, we need to make snap decisions. If it is a matter of life and death, you cannot have all the time to think and weigh things up before you decide. One dilemma is when a mother’s life becomes endangered during pregnancy. You may have to choose between keeping the mother alive or giving birth to the baby. It is a difficult situation but you have to make a choice. Listen to our instinct.

2. Write down your alternatives.

You cannot hold several thoughts in your mind at once. Write down the options. There is always a choice. When there is Plan A, there should also be a Plan B or Plan C and so on and s forth. Don’t get stuck on a certain idea, rather welcome other alternatives and then decide.

3. Ask yourself some questions.

Try asking yourself. Your answers will justify your decision. Thinking of the problem in different perspectives will make it a lot easier for you to arrive at a solution or decision. If I do this…. this will happen. If I don’t…… then what? It would be helpful if you list down the why’s or the pros and cons so you can easily compare it and weigh your thoughts to arrive at a decision. If you are given a lot of choices, you might forget the reasons why you have made that choice. Later on once you have made the decision, you can look back at your list to prove yourself that you have done the right thing. Believe me, there would come a time that you might question yourself about your decision.

4. Consider History.

Most of the things happening I our lives are deja-vus, meaning it had already occurred once in our life. It may have been with a different person, on a different time and place but same situation. Try to recall what happened when you were on that situation. Do not expect a different result if you are performing the same action. So decide if you still want the same result or you want the opposite to happen.

5. Take time to decide but don’t keep it too long.

Spend some “ME” time. Take some time to reflect. You need to have your mind clean from emotional stress before deciding. never ever conclude and come up with a decision when you are angry, or sad, or afraid, or extremely happy. You should be in your normal state of emotion when you decide. This is when your decision becomes unbiased.

6. Consider it as a test.

Imagine yourself being graded on this test. Your grade may mean perfect, excellent, average or failure. Once you have written your answer, you cannot change it anymore. So you better review your lessons very well.

7. Do not assume.

If you are being told a fact that affects your decision making, then research. Do not assume that their statements are correct. Find it out yourself. Do not let other’s opinion affect your decisions in life. Especially if the subject is not their expertise and if their source is unreliable.

8. Just Decide.

Sometimes you need to skip steps 1-8. You cannot move on to the next level if you don’t make a decision. If the situation you are about to face is new, don’t worry too much on whether you are making the right decision or not. Too much analysis can paralyse decision-making. Are you deciding your career path or what brand of cereal to eat? Not all decisions are equal so don’t waste your time. You don’t need to follow steps 1 – 9 every breakfast time.

9. Stand for your decision.

Re-analyzing your decisions will be never ending. In the end you will still find flaws and reasons to agonize. Don’t worry, there is no perfect decision or choice but there’s always the best one. Once you have made the decision, rest your brain from thinking back of the choices that you have dropped down. You will just get tired. Trust your decision-making and get on to the next step which is to take action.

Decision making is just the first step. Standing for it and taking action will bring result and outcome to your decisions.

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