Talking About Money Is Good for Your Health|Anita Saulite of us know the enjoyment and pleasure that comes from breaking bread with friends and family, and the boost our well-being experiences when we share our experiences with others. Recently, we dined with our friends from Vancouver and at every meal we shared stories which resulted in spirited conversations about everything in our lives from work-life balance (or lack thereof), to how expensive it is to raise children, to our future plans for retirement. We compared our quality of life and the importance of imparting healthy and good money habits to our kids.

“When in school, get a part-time job that will complement your career when you graduate, and give you cash to keep out of debt,” Lester says. Although getting part-time work can be tough during the school year, try looking at jobs on campus that can work around your schedule, and give you more skills in your preferred field.

If you love your credit card and treat it like a best friend, make sure you’re using it for the right things.”Build credit by paying your mobile, cable, internet, and other fixed costs on your credit card and then pre-authorize a full payment at the end of the month,” he says. Don’t make of habit of paying for everything on credit — especially if you can’t pay it off. Also, when you are looking for a credit card, choose one (or two) that will benefit you with either points or a cash back feature. Credit can be your friend, as long as you don’t create a hole of debt. Talking About Money Is Good for Your Health|Anita Saulite

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